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A number of papers, submissions and other material including fact sheets, information sheets etc are provided for perusal.

Categorized and listed by Author and Title, with Extract (if applicable).


    Current Issues and Comments
Czech Cycling Strategy 20 June 2005 Read PDF

    Book and Newspaper Article References


Dutton Park Draft Masterplan Prepared by City Design Landscape Architecture May 2005 for community consultation purposes. Read PDF

    My Papers

Empowering Educators: the role of experiential education Yeates,M (2006) Sustaining Environmental Education: Celebrating Diversity “Empowering Educators: the role of experiential education?“ Read PDF

    Other Articles and Papers

Request for Urban Speed Limits to be safe.Yeates,M (2003)Deputation Request : Mt Ommaney / Indooroopilly Community Cabinet Meeting Read PDF Reply to - Request for Urban Speed Limits to be safe.Honourable Stev Bredhauer MP (2003) Read PDF

    Books, papers and articles by others:

Professional Responsibility in Integrated Land Use and Transport Planning Read PDF McCarthy, P. & Mayhew, C. (2004) Safeguarding the organisation against violence and bullying Palgrave Macmillan: UK Read HTML link within this site

Specific Reports, Information Sheets and Fact Sheets:


B.F.A. Urban Speed Limits Read PDF


Busways ... a trojan horse? ... an excuse for more road lanes? Read PDF


B.F.Z. - Use of the 1200mm wide yellow BIKE symbol Read PDF Some examples of yellow bike 111203 Read HTML
Cycling "on the road" by showing how to "share the road" Read HTML The problem of narrow "bike lanes" : the case of "shared parking lanes". Read HTML
The "Bicycle Friendly Zone" : seven posters Read PDF Brisbane's "yellow BICYCLE symbols" Read PDF 3.5Mb
Audit Example of Brisbane's yellow BICYCLE symbols NEW 15/11/2007 Read PDF

    My Conference Papers

Zero Road Toll ... a dream, a realistic vision ... or a challenge? Read PDF Integrating urban design: meeting the needs of people Read PDF
Putting Cycling on the Transport Map... A "Collision" Between Fast Traffic and Urban Design? Read PDF Making space for cyclists by sharing the road ... Read PDF
Road safety : for all road users? Read PDF

    My Conference Papers on Consultation

Bullying ... but who bullies who? The destruction of public interest in professional ethics in South East Queensland transport policy and project consultation? Read PDF "Getting it right ... but who and what do we ask?" Read PDF
Getting Bill on the Bus : The Politics of Inclusive Design Read PDF Politicised Technical Advice ... The Death of Professional Credibility? Read PDF

Related Campaigns:

    Public Transport - Railways

The world's first government funded and government run public transport railway? Read HTML

    Cycling - Safety

"Wheels of Justice" ride in Brisbane, May 7 2005 Read HTML Poster for May 2005 Read PDF
Letter to Premier 12 May 2005 Read PDF Letter to Premier 20 June 2005 Read PDF
Letter from Premier 13 July 2005 Read PDF Letter from transport Minister 14 July 2005 Read PDF

yeatesit ... integrated transport aims to explain how it is easier to use the alternatives than people think, who are trying to make the alternatives better and easier to use and why, and some stories, examples, references and other material which may help explain what many people think is a difficult or specialized topic ... but like driving a car, once you know how, where and why it is so good to do so, you can simply start doing it. Home Integrated Transport Home Top of Page