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    Book and Newspaper Article References

Lewis, M (1999) Suburban Backlash Bloomings Books, Melbourne.
Suburban Backlash and issues raised in it were reviewed in The Australian (13 March 2000).
The Save Our Suburbs movement, the rise of Jane Lomax-Smith, an SOS candidate to Adelaide City Council, who later became Lord Mayor of Adelaide, and her concerns about the "corruption" of town planning in Adelaide City Council are reported in a major article in The Australian Magazine (13-14 May 2000).

    Other Articles and Papers

"Housing in Brisbane ..." Yeates,M (1994)Unpublished Brisbane Read

Information Sheets and Fact Sheets:


Local Area Plans or Locally Owned Plans? Read Why do our Councils have policies ... Read
Why protect our creeks and wetlands ... Read Why protect some urban amenity and character ... Read
"Controls bring housing balance", ... but do they really? Read Why protect some "character" housing ... Read
Why have a group like ... Save Our Brisbane Suburbs Read Concerned residents really do care for Brisbane ... Read
Asbestos - A Health problem or Not? Read Asbestos - A Health and Environment Problem but Ignored ... Read
Benson Street Toowong Read IPA and Infrastructure Charges an invitation and incentive to demolish? Read
Demolition Before Approval ... Read Aileen's Story ... 131 Fifth Avenue Balmoral Read about other's experiences...
Chelmer residents fighting each other and Council Read Sherwood one precinct after another being invaded Read
Indooroopilly 35-41 Central Ave Read Fear and distrust the outcomes of BCC "planning" policies? Read
8.5m Height Limit ... Now a complete joke? Read West End Saved Read
Benson St. Toowong... the New Six Pack! Read

    Ecological and Environmental Management

Fireplaces and Health Dangers of Smoke Read Protect of Natural Assets During Development ... Read
Launceston wood fire smoke strategy $s to replace wood fires. Read


The suburban housing problem ... Read Housing ... a transport issue? Read

Other Contacts:

There are a number of locations where debates and/or information about these and related issues can be found. They include the following.
The Brisbane Institute which has a number of interesting feature including the "Brisbane Line".
CABRA, an organisation aimed at "raising Community Awareness about the health effects of Burning wood in Residential Areas" can be contacted at PO Box 74 Cleveland Qld 4163. CABRA is particularly concerned about the failure of building regulations to control the installation of wood and other fuel burning appliances with health impacts from the products of combustion because there is no means of controlling their operation and hence both smoke and health impacts on adjoining neighbours and neighbourhoods where smoke can be trapped and impacts elevated by local climatic and/or geographic factors. Home Submission for Addition to List Top of Page