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Everyone agrees that other people should make space on the road for cars when they are driving their car! It is a natural result of having few if any reasonable alternatives to the car. And of course everyone, well almost everyone, says they have no alternative!

Often this is true or at least partly true but more often it is an incorrect belief, most often based on the rather obvious fact that those who rely on using a car probably will not know much about the other choices. Most often these beliefs are based more on what people hear from other people, rarely from personal experience.

Paradoxically, people who do not use the alternatives much cannot know how well, or even if, they work. Much like we do not encourage people to drive a car without learning the rules, learning how to drive and provide some practicing until competent. Why do so many people either believe or assume the other modes of travel are any different?

And those who do use the alternatives, well they are different to those who use a car ... or are they? This is another myth. All sorts of people choose to use the alternatives for all sorts of reasons.


yeatesit ... integrated transport aims to explain how it is easier to use the alternatives than people think, who are trying to make the alternatives better and easier to use and why. It aims to provide some stories, references and other material which may help explain what many people think is a difficult or specialized topic ... but like driving a car, once you know how, where and why it is so good to do so, you can simply start doing it.

Good luck!

Who are we...?

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