Some examples of “standard” applications of the yellow BIKE symbol concept on local and main roads without traffic calming but applying narrower road profiles for slower speed environments in Brisbane.                          

Prepared by Michael Yeates                                                 Bicycle User Research Group

The following example shows a typical situation with parked cars to the left. This is a typical example of a kerb-kerb road width of around 12m and traffic speed limit of 60-70km/h. These applications are on typical arterial roads.

The following is an example of an intersection treatment where the yellow BIKE symbol location is moved to the left then returns to its normal location allowing car parking to its left.

The following example applies in local streets. Where the road surface is narrow  ie total 8m, then the yellow BIKE symbols can be at the edge of the bitumen surface. Where the road surface is < 8m, then the yellow BIKE symbols should be in the middle of the “lane” (see example below). 

The following shows an example of a narrow lane with NO STANDING and yellow BIKE to the left of the lane … a narrow road without the kerb and channel is virtually identical.

The following example shows a narrow road/lane with central yellow BIKE symbols in a slow speed site, in this case, on the approach to a roundabout.


                        11 December 2003